Cartel pelicual ArritmiaGuantanamero

(Original title: Arrítmia )

Despite managing to escape from Guantánamo jail, Ali is unable to escape from himself. As he loses himself in the music, colours and magic of HabanaCity, Ali must keep a grip on his own reality… and discover who he was and what he has become.

Writer / Director: Vicente Peñarrocha
Production Companies: NDF Ltd, Monfort Producciones, Sukifilms, Sorolla Films.
Producers: Michiyo Yoshizaki, Iker Monfort, Juan Romero, Antonio Mansilla.
Associate Producers: Ado Yoshizaki, Zack Winfield y Elvira Morales Sales.
Cast: Rupert Evans (Hell Boy), Sir Derek Jacobi  (Yo, Claudio), Natalia Verbeke (El hijo de la novia).
International Sales : Peace Arch Films.

Premiered: November 2007.


Clasificada S R Rated

(Original title: Los años desnudos. Clasificada S )

The trials and tribulations of friendship between three stunning actresses who meet on the set of an R Rated film. R Rated starts in Madrid of 1975 when sex and nudity in films was something new.

Writer Directors: Dunia Ayaso y Félix Sabroso.
Production Companies : Little Jiraffe, Antena 3 Films.
Executive Producers: Koldo Zuazua, Juan Romero.
Associate Producers: José Herrero de Egaña.
Cast: Candela Peña (Princesas), Goya Toledo (Amores Perros), Mar Flores, Antonio de la Torre (Azuloscurocasinegro).
International Sales : Coach 14.
Distributor for Spain : Universal.
Premiered: Octubre 2008.


Cartel pelicual La Isla Interior The Inside Island

(Origninal Title: La Isla Interior)

Three siblings emotionally on the run from themselves. Martin wants to leave the family home to be a writer in Paris. Gracia wants to put some reality back into the fictional world that her life has become. And Coral just wants to be loved. The sudden death of their father forces them to leave this inner island which isolates them from their loved ones, from their dreams … and from being themselves...

Writer / Director:
Dunia Ayaso, Félix Sabroso.
Producers: Juan Romero, José Herrero, Sarah Halioua.
Executive Producers:Ana Sánchez-Gijón, Elvira Morales Sales.
Associate Producer: Patricia Campo.

Premiered: April 2010.




Cartel pelicual La Isla Interior Gran vía Centenary Short Movies

Piece"The Gran Vía and the childhood"

    Title: A 400 pasos.

    Director: Max Lemcke.

    Writer: Patricia Campo.

    Synopsis: Kike is the son of a divorced marriage who has to walk all the way long between his parents houses, alone. One day, he decides he won´t return to his home and he sits down in the front door of Capitol cinema. Alarmed, his parents look for him all along the Gran Via street.




Piece "The Gran Via and the youth"

    Title: Mi primer amanecer.

     Writer/ Director: Chus Gutiérrez.

     Synopsis: Evokes the youth through the story of three teenagers and their first night in Gran Via street, experimenting different sensations, showing their dreams, and their doubts.

Producers: Mecanismo Films, EsMadrid.

Premiered: May 2010.




"Ay pena"


ay pena


Title: Ay pena.

Director and writer: Elisa Cepedal

Producers: Mecanismo Films

Duration: 19'

Premiered:19 de Noviembre de 2011




"Born Naked "

born naked



Director: Andrea Esteban


Andrea and Paula, homosexuals of 24 and 23 years of age, through their personal experiences ashow us the visibility and/or invisibility of young lesbians according to their socio-cultural background and their geographical location in Madrid, London and Berlin.


Producers: Mecanismo Films, Pilar Comesaña producciones, Corinto y Oro.

Premiered: December 2012




Mica. The Boy Who Smells Like Fish (Feature Film)


.poster in development

Sypnosis:  Mica is a perfectly normal boy. Well he would be if he didn’t live in the museum and former home of the legendary Mexican Singer, Guillermo Garibai. And if he didn’t smell of fish.
So it will come as no surprise that for Mica, girls are nothing more than inhabitants of a far-away planet. A planet strictly out of bounds on his emotional travel card. Out of bounds that is until Laura walks into his life.

Director: Analeine Cal y Mayor.
Writers: Javier Gullón, Analeine Cal y Mayor.
Producer: Juan Romero, José Herrero, Niv Fichman
Associate Producers : Patricia Campo.

Production Companies: Mecanismo Films, Rhombus Media.

Production Companies :Rhombus Media, Redrum, Mecanismo Films.

Cast: Douglas Smith, Zoe Kravitz, Ariadna Gil.


Premiered: Miami Festival, march 2013.






.poster in development


Sinopsis: Abundy Bell, un profesor de historia, busca a una persona fisicamente igual que él que descubre visionando un dvd. Adaptación cinematográfica de la novela "Un hombre duplicado", de José Saramago.

Director: Dennis Villeneuve.
Writers: Javier Gullón.
Production Companys: Rhombus Media, Roxbury Pictures, Mecanismo Films.

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent and Isabella Rossellini 


Estreno: finales de 2013.


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